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    2. A culture-Aiya’s Japanese techniques--- An essential culture

      Since its founding over 120 years ago Aiya still uses traditional stone grinding mills in a delicate grinding process. Holding steadfast to the concept of “Bringing authentic Matcha to China”, Aiya brought its traditional stone grinding mills grinding process to China with the first factory it opened; delicately grinding in stone grinding mills made of particular stones that absolutely never corrupt the unique taste of Matcha, preserving it throughout the whole production process. This results in tea products pleasing to the eye that have an enchanting aroma and incredible taste. These methods and our ceaseless commitment to excellence comprise the wizardry that produces superb Matcha.

      A hygienic workplace

      Aiya uses its own unique cutting edge techniques with the most advanced equipment in the Matcha industry.
      To scientifically support the general consensus concerning the health benefits and safety of Matcha, Aiya created its Department of Quality Control in 1985. The result was the most advanced contaminant free workplace at that time, and a clearer understanding of Matcha as a foodstuff. This was the basis for the laser like focus on the health and safety of Aiya products that continues to this day.